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Care in a time of crisis

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"Everyone, regardless of age or financial means is entitled to quality health care in order to maintain a supportive, comfortable and dignified quality of life."

Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many. Everyday families are forced to provide care with little or no assistance from health insurance and government or private agencies. The endless hours and energy needed to care for someone with a terminal illness is more than any family can handle alone. Care for a loved one dying from a regressive neurological illness requires never leaving them alone and assisting with eating, bathing and basic bodily functions. Life is unpredictable and exhausting mentally, physically and financially for the caregivers of the victims of a dementia, like Alzheimer's Disease and other regressive degenerative disorders.

The story of Neil Radin is the story of many...

Neil was a 54 year old husband, father of two, family and friend of many, when he became the victim of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), one of the numerous forms of neurodegenerative dementia's. He was an entrepreneur and business executive who lost all his abilities to function in his environment. His dementia caused him to lose all of his language and mobility, rendering him unable to care for himself as his life was being taken by this horrible disease. His family was forced to provide complete ongoing care in order for him to maintain a supportive, comfortable and dignified quality of life. Little or no help for health care was available through insurance and government or private agencies due to his young age and financial status. The challenge for Neil and his family to endure the emotional, physical and financial hardship of his devastating illness was overwhelming. After surviving four years with committed care by his family and friends, Neil died at home with his family by his side.

In honor of him, his family started the Caregivers Relief Foundation in 1998 with a commitment to assist others who are struggling to provide care for a loved one suffering from a dementia illness.

Neil Radin
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Do you know...

• One out of every three families will be affected by dementia

• One in three older Americans dies of a dementia
• Almost 7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease or related illness

• This number could triple by 2050
• Dementia affects people as young as 30 years of age

• Every 65 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's disease or related illness

• Alzheimer's is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States

• FTD is the most common dementia for people under 60 years of age

• More than 1/2 million people die each year of dementia

• Dementia cannot be prevented, cured or slowed

• Payments for care are estimated to be over $345 billion in the United States

• More than 15 million Americans provide unpaid care valued at $300 billion



The CRF Mission

Our original mission starting in 1998 was to provide financial grants to caregivers in need of assistance for their loved ones suffering from neurodegenerative dementias with conditions not recognized by health insurance benefits or not eligible for aid based on age or financial need. Beginning in 2003 the Caregivers Relief Foundation provided seed funding to The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD). Now, CRF provides ongoing support to this non-profit organization with a national mission to promote research and provide resources for non-Alzheimer's disorders.


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