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The Family Cookbook

Recipes for Love

--- from the back cover

Ideas are born in many ways. A simple conversation about preserving the torn and faded pages of my grandmother’s recipe book was the spark that led to the creation of this family cookbook.

My mother and I sat one night, performing our usual ritual of sharing stories about our day. Her interest in nurturing the family was always a common thread. Her thought for that moment was to catalog a handwritten collection of her mother’s recipes before they disappeared from a 50 year old tattered notebook.

I thought this was a great idea and as our conversation continued the idea flourished. The possibility of a collection of recipes along with a family tree, photos and anecdotes that represented our entire family got created. We were excited and inspired by the community contribution it would be.

This project represents four generations of the Radin, Spiegel and Rosen families. It is a compilation of favorite foods and memories that have been shared over many years. It is a wealth of creativity from twenty-five members of the family.

Let this endeavor be one of many expressions of the love that our family experiences.

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