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Helping people take an empty space - a blank canvas - and transform it into something that engages, educates, showcases, motivates and entertains is why I am here. Creating something from nothing and transforming space is my life's work. 

GARY RADIN   Principal Designer, GMR Design


For more than twenty years I have been exploring and mastering the way people experience their environments. This includes specialty in production design, art direction, interior design, theater and graphics. My project work is diverse and includes hundreds of creative solutions for television commercials, cable network shows, corporate meeting and video sets, exhibits, live event staging and interiors. I have embraced creative and technical roles that range from independent source to contributing partner. And, I have been integral in the management and successful growth of three creative service companies. 


My designs have been showcased for such entities as Showtime, Great American Country Television, Jewelry Television, Comcast, PNC Bank, Pfizer, Subaru, IKEA, and 3M. I have had the good fortune of work published in Event Design, Broadcast Engineering and Architectural Digest magazines among other publications. Additionally, projects have been awarded the Gold Pinnacle Award by the International Festival & Events Association and won Event Style Awards. I also have been listed as Top 500 People In Events in the U.S.  

My design interests started at a very early age when I began building elaborate dimensional streetscapes out of cardboard boxes recycled from a family business warehouse. At age ten I helped design our family custom home and began to spend endless hours working on sets for local theater. My first paying job was at age thirteen working for a recognized architectural model maker and then progressing with many other creative adventures prior to any formal design education.

I went on to receive a Bachelor of Interior Design degree with concentration in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The bridge to my professional career was an invitation to be Creative Director for an international cosmetic company. I have served on boards of directors and been an active member of various industry associations. Additionally, I have enjoyed being a guest speaker at numerous design schools and industry programs. I am also an author/editor of two books and the Founder of a non-profit.


My roots in architecture and theater inspire design for all of our senses. An imaginative spirit is part of my every day life. Listening, exploring and engaging provoke strong concepts at the core of my professional work. I think design disciplines have few boundaries - a well-trained and experienced designer can create anything.

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GMR Design LLC   Production Designer  l  Owner

Design for Production, Exhibition and Event Environments


A Philadelphia based design studio, specializing in set design and art direction for television and live events. Projects include creative solutions for television commercials, cable network shows, corporate video, industry meetings, exhibits, special events and theme interiors. Creative roles range from concept development, creative direction and design to producing, coordination and technical direction.



Professional design work has been featured in publications including:

   - Event Design Magazine

   - Broadcast Engineering Magazine

   - Architectural Digest

   - The Philadelphia Inquirer

   - Travel + Leisure

BIZBASH 2022 15 Over 50 Event Industry Influencers

BIZBASH 2021 500 Most Influential Event Pros

BIZBASH 2020 500 Most Influential Event Pros

BIZBASH 2019 TOP 1000 People In Events

BIZBASH 2018 TOP 500 People In Events 

BIZBASH North America Event Style Awards

   - 2020 WINNER Best of the Decade "Best Immersive Experience" and "Best Event Decor"

   - 2019 FINALIST Best Event Decor Over $250,000 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

   - 2017 WINNER Best Staging & Set Design PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

   - 2015 WINNER Best Event Decor Over $250,000 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

IFEA Gold Pinnacle Award to Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for

      Philadelphia Flower Show Entrance Garden Design : 2021, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014 and 2013

IFEA Grand Pinnacle Award "Best Event in the World" to Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for

      Philadelphia Flower Show : Gold 2021, 2017, 2014, Silver 2019

What If It's Not Alzheimer's? - A Caregivers Guide to Dementia, author/editor (Prometheus Books)
The Family Cookbook - Recipes for Love, creator and designer (self published)



Interior Design Society, Philadelphia Chapter

Colorado State University, Design Diversity

Philadelphia University, School of Architecture & Design
University of Oklahoma, College of Architecture
The Art Institute of Philadelphia
Moore College of Art and Design

Alzheimer's Association

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 



American Association of Museums - former member
Neil L. Radin Caregivers Relief Foundation, CRF - Founder and President

Alzheimer's Association - Support Group Facilitator and Special Events Planning Committee

AFTD, Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration - Volunteer Contributor and Support Group Facilitator

International Television Association, ITVA - former member
International Special Events Society, ISES New England - former Board of Director
Meeting Professionals International, MPI - former member


GMR Design

Artists @ Work, Philadelphia
A.C.M.E. Art Dept., Philadelphia
Cooper Productions, Boston
Finelle Cosmetics, Boston


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Architecture & Design (Cum Laude)
with additional concentrations in Theater and Graphics

University of Massachusetts at Amherst



Team Management and Leadership Program
Personal Development Curriculum


Owner I Designer

Design Director

Designer I General Manager

Producer I Designer

Designer I Creative Director

present - 1987

2008 - 1997

1997 - 1995

1995 - 1992

1992 - 1987

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[select listing]



[Commercials and PSA’s]


FlixFling [Production Co.: Invincible Pictures, Director: Thomas Ashley]


Comcast “ Everyone’s Connected”; “Outrageous Claims”; “Joe Waller” [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Jeffrey Berry]


Comcast “Bug Girl”; “Golden Ticket”; “Movie Time” and others [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Jim McGorman]


Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission “Runway”; “Predictions” [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Jim McGorman]


Cutex [Production Co.: Lunchbox Communication, Director: Dafna Yachin]


ProFoot “Triad” [Production Co.: Lunchbox Communication, Director: Dafna Yachin]


3M “Blues” [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Jim McGorman]


Mannington “Stainmaster Carpet”


Boscov’s ”Marching Band”; Big Screen” and others [Production Co.: Red Tettemer]


Verizon “Comcast Dissatisfied” [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Jim McGorman]


The Scooter Store “It’s Here”; “Mail Man” [Production Co.: Shooters Post & Transfer, Director: Chas Kutchinsky]


Philadelphia Tourism Mktg. Corp. “Philly’s More Fun When You Sleep Over” [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Palmer Enfield]


Western Pest “Bugs’’ [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Jeffrey Berry]


Optimum Online “Blender”; “Porsche” [Production Co.: SBK Pictures, Director: Jeffrey Berry]


Showtime “Free Weekend” [Production Co.: Tim Miller Entertainment]


TV Land “Promo” [Production Co.: Tim Miller Entertainment]


[Long Form]


DIY Network “Tools and Techniques” [Scripps Networks]


DIY Network “Tricked Out” [Scripps Networks]


PBS Kids Go! “Box City” [Production Co.: Concrete Pictures]


Lite Bites infomercial [Production Co.: QVC]


Denise Austin exercise video [Production Co.: Fitvid Productions for Lionsgate Films, Director: Cal Pozo]


Cathe Friedrich exercise videos [Production Co.: Step ‘N’ Motion, Director: Chris Williams]


Leslie Sansone exercise videos [Production Co.: Fitvid Productions, Director: Cal Pozo]


48 Hour Wedding [Production Co.: Banyan Productions]



[Web and Short Form]


World Polio Day for Rotary International worldwide webcast: {Production Co.: Tomorrow Pictures]


“Sisters” Mirena – Bayer Women’s Health: [Agency: EvoLogue, Production Co.: Red Maiden, Director: Palmer Enfield]



[Studio Environments]


GAC Great American Country Network - 360 degree network home base studio for 10 diverse show formats

          [Scripps Networks, Nashville, TN]


Jewelry Television - Companion sets for hosted product shows for on-air demo and sales

          [Jewelry Television, Knoxville, TN]


Shop At Home Network - 6,000 s.f. area of multiple sets to host live television product demo and sales programs

          [Scripps Networks, Nashville, TN]


DIY Network - Multi-media home base host and news set

          [Scripps Networks, Knoxville, TN]

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